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Before Installation of Tiles The Process of Laying Tiles
Before Installation of Tiles
The surfaces were the tiles are to be laid must be properly finished and curing done at least for one week.
Care should be taken that iron rods used in concrete are not exposed at any place. If the tiles are laid with exposed iron rods subsequently there may be rust formation and air bubbles that may lift up the tiles.
The total area to be covered should be worked out and additional 5% should be included towards wastage/ breakage, it should be ensured that the total quantity required are available from the same batch at site other wise shade variation may occur with different supplies.
In case of multistory building it is advisable to order entire quantity of each floor from the same batch in one lot to avoid shade variation.
Before fixing the euro vitrified tiles lay them in the desired pattern and make sure that they give proper shade and design.
Please ensure uniform level, shade and design before fixing the tiles with concrete.
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