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Q. Why shade variation in floor tiles happen ?

Manufacture of vitrified tiles is made in large batches (e.g. S42, S78, S102 etc.) in different series and patterns. Certain amount of shade variation is inherent in the manufacture of vitrified products depending on the batch to batch. Therefore it is important to workout the total quantity of tiles required and we should include 5 % wastage / breakage and buy them in one lot of the same batch at least for each floor.

It is also advisable to lay the tiles in daytime so that if there is any shade variation is noticed, suitable corrective action can be taken before fixing the tiles. As written in packing box dry mock up should be done before fixing the tiles.

Q. Why do bending and warpages of tiles happen after laying the tiles ?

In most of the cases the bending or lifting of tiles happens due to faulty bed preparation. If there are air bubbles or vacuums created in the bed surface due to improper curing, presence of external materials, rust etc. the expansion of such air bubbles will push up the tiles creating uneven surfaces.

Q. Why the stains occur in vitrified tiles?

Even though vitrified tiles has water absorption of less than 0.05 % the polishing process opens up micro pores on tile surface and hence if stains are allowed to stay for long time it cannot be cleaned easily. We recommend cleaning the stains immediately as soon as they fall on the surface of the tiles. (Please go through the catalogue for cleaning instructions).

Q. How to avoid maximum cutting of tiles in the work place for skirting, steps etc?

Standard skirting, steppers, risers, bull nose etc. are available in matching and contrast colours, by choosing these items cutting tiles in the work place can be avoided to a great extent.

Q. Where can I get more information or technical clarifications regarding Euro Vitrified Tiles ?

Best and easiest way is to contact by email: [email protected] So that it can be directed to executive nearest to you. Also Euro vitrified tiles are serviced by more than 100 sales professionals around India. You may please contact any one of sales executive / sales associates or Euro Style Stations in your area (details mentioned in the sales leaflet) who will be happy to be of service to you.

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